Sorry for the delay…

Here is some outfits for the days I missed..

So sorry to have keep you guys waiting..It won’t happen again, I promise..


We had a few lovely summer days the past weekend so this outfit pulled it of


My Sunday outfit for the summery day


Then it was back to work again and the weather was back to winter..(sad face)


Today’s outfit for work..Really nice..and kinda HOT..

Friday Outfit..

Work outfit…Feeling summery..


Dress should be just a tad longer for work, but otherwise,,Beautiful

Outfit for tonight… Seeing all my school friends from 5 years ago..Have to look stunning.. This will have to do the trick…


Hot, stylish and definitely a killer..

Enjoy your weekend followers…

Crazy day today…

First, the work outfit…


Outfit for tonight…



All into the salmon colors today..Its the first time in 3weeks that Cape Town is sunny…so lets enjoy it and go a bit summery…